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The Gaycation Episode Three: Sweetest Taboo

Things are getting appropriately hot and spicy in Mexico after Nolan spent his first hookup getting his booty plowed. Now it's time for him to get his dick wet and juicy with a bareback fuck, Latin-style. Walking home, he spies gorgeous Fernando Ragel looking thirsty and cruisy. Horny in cutoffs and hot pants, the two studs grab each other's dicks and start getting busy. Fernando wants to see what Nolan's packing and peels down his cutoff jeans to get a closer look. Like his mouth right on Nolan's big cock close... He slips out of his white hot pants and wags his weenie for Nolan, and they take turns sucking each other's knobs. Fernando has hotter things in mind, and crouches across the couch with his big round booty in Nolan's face. Once Nolan gets a sweet and musky mouthful He kneels behind and guides his missile right into Fernando's landing pad. Fernando strokes his dick in time with Nolan's thrusting and things heat up even more. It all looks so seXXXy and fun that Nolan wants to get his butt rammed too. Fernando's glad to plow in, and Nolan's staccato moans convey his satisfaction as lube streams down his crack. He wraps his ankles around Fernando's narrow hips and pulls him in for a closer screw. Then Fernando rides again, getting his ass crammed full of hot Asian-American cock. His stiff fucktool bobs from side to side as he bounces his butthole onto Nolan, then he grabs it for dear life as it begins to geyser out a huge wad that drenches the floor below. He pulls up and away as Nolan milks out his own juicy reward, splattering Fernando's still-tingling asshole.
Release Date2023-06-27