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Camp Crystal Cock Episode Six: Edith's Revenge Part 2

The five-man orgy in the abandoned warehouse continues, though now that Danny has run off to get help for his buddies Nolan Knox and Levy Foxx, it's down to four horny participants. Levy's suspended in mid-air in a spitroast between Zacc Andrews and Damian Dragon (as Jason Whoreknees). Nolan's bringing up the rear, literally, as he plows into Zacc's hungry ass. Levy's booty gets passed along to Jason, then the studs split off to fuck, changing partners minute by minute.

When Levy's fucked-out ass needs a break, he drops down to suck off his three tops, slurping two and all three at a time and getting a strenuous tongue workout in the deal. It's time to blast, and Zacc, Nolan and Jason milk their rock-hard cocks into Levy's face. While Zacc and Jason are distracted, Nolan and Levy beat a hasty escape. As the two evildoers stride slowly in pursuit, a mysterious someone reaches in to grab Jason's discarded psycho mask off the warehouse floor. Who's taking up the evil reins at Cam Crystal Cock?
Release Date2022-10-25