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Tied Up Tuesday 4: Fit To Be Tied

Meandering through the dark hallways of KUMA, horned-up Asian twink Nolan Knox spies fit bottom Jay Tee looking available and hungry for dick, clad in an orange jock and an impromptu harness of red elastic cords. His arms are bound back against the leather bench where he sits spread-eagled. Nolan runs his fingers over Jay's pink fleshy nips and cups the growing bulge in the pouch of his jockstrap. Nolan drops his own strappy see-through undies and feeds Jay Tee the cock he's so desperate for. Gurgling with each mouthful, Jay takes Nolan's big dick all the way down. Hungry for more XXX action, Nolan loosens Jay's cuffs and gives him another sloppy kiss. Jay crouches face forward and takes Nolan's wet hot facefucking with gusto. Nolan strides around to Jay's firm round cheeks and buries his face into the musky crack. "Omigod, fuck!" Jay groans as his eyes roll back. Spreading Jay's ass open with his hands, Nolan admires the smooth contours of his hole and dives back in. With Jay spit-lubed and more than ready, Nolan presses his cock in bare with not a trace of resistance from the cock-starved hole. He tosses his head back as he thrusts in harder. He grabs the red straps of Jay's harness as he drills in balls deep. His heavy nuts slap into Jay's crack with a series of wet thwacks! "You ready for this load?!" Nolan asks as his strokes race toward his big creamy splash. Pulling out he starts pumping out a sticky splatter onto Jay's twitching hole, reaches around for one more kiss.
Release Date2023-05-09