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Key To My Hole 4: Cocking the Concierge

For a horny gay resort, this place is well-appointed for staff. Jay Wu and Nolan Knox have been busy working their way through the available dick and booty, and now Nolan has his sights on the blond beauty that runs the concierge desk, Ander Wolfson. Nolan stops by the office "to pick up some towels", and Ander asks if he wants to come by the the storeroom to get them. Nolan responds, wagging his butt, "I'd LOVE to cummm!" Not too obvious. In a flash they're naked in the storage room, with a convenient banquette all ready for them to get naughty upon. Once Ander gets a mouthful of Nolan's big straining hardon, he bends over and takes his guest's eight inches of hot raw Asian cock. When the table Ander braces against proves to be a little unstable, he lies back on it with legs up and spread apart for Nolan to drill in balls deep. When they're libidos boil over, Nolan pulls out to drench Ander's smooth shaved balls and crotch in a hot puddle of musky manjuice.
Release Date2024-02-20