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Camp Naughty Pines 2: Outdoor Romping

At Camp Naughty Pines, it's tough to tell who's hornier, the staff or the cock-crazed guests. Nolan is relaxing on his cabin porch when Asian "tour guide" Levy Foxx offers to show him around to see some things "you've never seen before!" When he grabs Nolan and locks lips at the first clearing, we get an idea of the things he's gonna show the hot twink. Next stop, a fully decked-out wooden glory hole area for the guests (and tour guides, we presume).

Nolan strips off his shirt and sticks his hefty cock through the hole, and Levy's there on his knees to take it straight down his thirsty throat. Tricky tour guide soon replaces that mouth with an equally hungry hole pressed against Nolan's dick. Backing into the raw tool, Levy gasps with satisfaction. On the other side, Nolan grabs the wall to brace as he pumps his piece into Levy. They take their XXX screwing action to a nearby table, and the two horned-up Asians splatter their sticky sperm onto each other, in the fresh air and murmuring woods of Camp Naughty Pines.
Release Date2022-08-16