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Key To My Hole Scene 2: Full Room Service

After slinking away when he's caught watching the naughty hijinks between old flames Nolan Knox and Jay Wu, maintenance man around the resort, muscleman Hunter Vance, comes a'knocking at Nolan's room door. Nolan's still horny and invites him in. "It looks like you enjoyed watching!" he remarks to Hunter, rubbing his crotch seductively. Patting the mattress next to him, Nolan offers "Why don't you keep me company?" and they start stripping down. With a hand over Nolan's swelling crotch and his lips planted on his sensitive nipple, Hunter starts working his magic hospitality. Nolan pulls down the waist of his thong undies and lets his big hardon pop up and out. Hunter wastes no time slurping it down, then pulls off his jeans and crouches for Nolan to get a musky mouthful of his hungry ass. Braced elbows down on the bed, Hunter is ready to take it like a man. Nolan slides in raw and deep. Soon his pubes are slapping hard into Hunter's juicy crack. The horny handyman climbs up to ride on Nolan's stiff tool. He lies back and uses both hands to hold his legs up and apart for Nolan to drill his cock in. His thick tight muscles ripple as Nolan slams into his hungry ass. "Fuck I'm about to cum!" Nolan abruptly announces as he pulls out. a creamy icing of cum coats Hunter's hand as he beats his cock a little more.
Release Date2024-02-06